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Pulsic’s Physical Design platform for Precision Design Automation

Achieving success in the highly specialized field of Custom Digital and AMS design requires balancing the key commercial priorities of yield, area and performance 유료앱 다운로드. The Pulsic Unity custom design platform addresses each of these challenges. Its advanced automation capabilities enable semiconductor companies to maintain a competitive edge by delivering high yield and high performance while reducing time to market 다운로드.

Today’s design teams require an integrated set of physical design tools that is architected from the ground up to address the needs of complex custom digital and mixed-signal designs at the 28nm and below process node 윈도우7 64비트 iso 다운로드. Pulsic Unity is the backbone for the industry’s most comprehensive Precision Design Automation solutions available for physical designs:

Pulsic Planning Solution

Best-in-class integrated, Full-Chip Planning and Top-Level Routing for IC Design

Pulsic Implementation Solution

Industry leading Place and Route Implementation products for Custom Digital and Analog Design

The Unity platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure you increase productivity, decrease design area and increase yield – even with the most challenging custom digital, mixed-signal and analog IC designs 다운로드.