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Pulsic Planning Solution

Integrated, Full-Chip Planning and Top-Level Routing for Custom IC Design

As custom design size and complexity continue to increase dramatically, design teams are spending ever more time and resources completing floorplans and DRC-correct top-level routing. Powerful ASIC tools exist for these tasks, but they were not made for custom, analog or mixed-signal designs, and lack the configurability required for such tasks as bus/repeater-cell planning and insertion or DRC/LVS top-level routing. And because these digital-centric tools are often only available as an expensive total package, they are impractical for design teams that only require a few of the pieces of that package.

Built on the innovative, production-proven Pulsic Unity™ technology, Pulsic Planning Solution is a fully integrated, made-for-custom solution that automates full-chip planning and top-level routing for advanced custom designs. It is the first complete planning solution to enable both top-down and bottom-up hierarchical floorplanning for custom ICs.

Pulsic Planning Solution is available as a complete flow, or the components of the solution – chip planning, bus/repeater-cell planning, and signal planning – can be purchased separately or in any combination, giving every member of a custom design team access to exactly the technologies they need, without purchasing technologies they don’t.


  • Fast, reliable, full-chip hierarchical planning and top-level routing capabilities produce the best results in the shortest time
  • Made-for-custom technology supports unique custom design needs and gives optimal results for custom designs, without the struggle to adapt ASIC tools
  • Guided flows give designers the full benefit of Pulsic advanced technology and productivity with minimal training
  • Complete integration maximizes productivity by eliminating data translation issues
  • Flexible licensing enables design teams to maximize the productivity impact of their purchases
  • Support for industry-standard formats and interfaces gives design teams the flexibility to use select components of the Pulsic Planning Solution within their own established custom or digital design environments
  • Pulsic Unity ECO technology, included in Pulsic Planning Solution, enables rapid adoption of changes and new revisions


  • Fully integrated solution comprised of best-in-class Pulsic technologies:
    – Unity Chip Planner for hierarchical chip planning with rapid prototyping
    – Unity Bus Planner for bus planning/routing and repeater-cell planning/insertion
    – Unity Signal Planner for hierarchical signal planning and routing
    – Unity ECO technology for rapid design revision
  • Guided flows for every step of the floorplanning and top-level routing process
  • Automatic block placement and softblock shaping
  • Support for industry-standard formats and interfaces: OpenAccess (OA), Cadence (CDBA), LEF/DEF, Verilog

Leading-Edge Technologies with Guided Flows

The components of the Pulsic Planning Solution are each best-in-class
custom-design technologies:

Unity Chip Planner
Hierarchical Floorplanning for Custom Designs
Fully hierarchical chip planning with rapid prototyping, area estimation, block placement, intelligent pin placement and optimization, and incremental hierarchical ECO management.

Unity Bus Planner
Bus Planning/Routing and Repeater-Cell Planning/Insertion
A GUI-based, guide-driven methodology for planning and inserting large numbers of very-wide-bit buses, complete with fully configurable bus-interleaving capabilities, integrated with buffer planning and insertion functionality

Unity Signal Planner
Hierarchical Signal Planning and Routing for Custom Designs

The first and only product to offer truly hierarchical, automated signal planning
and routing, enables fast, constraint-driven routing of advanced custom designs.

Pulsic understands that custom designers need flows, not just technologies.
So Pulsic Planning Solution combines these innovative technologies into guided flows that help even non-expert users achieve the best solutions quickly and reliably. The Pulsic Planning Solution guides users through the entire floorplanning process, from initial blackbox (prototype) floorplanning through to the final layout. The flow also enables users to execute netlist revisions and ECOs quickly and easily.