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Unity Custom Digital Placer

Precision Placement for Custom Digital Designs

With the explosion in size and complexity of leading-edge custom digital designs, designers can no longer rely on manual placement. However, they cannot afford to compromise on quality, either. Traditional custom digital placers don’t provide the
quality of result that leading-edge custom design teams require. Pulsic Unity Custom Digital Placer offers hand-placed precision with automated speed. Unity Custom Digital Placer is the only complete solution for precision placement of advanced custom digital designs.

Custom Placement Requires Precision

Leading-edge custom digital design teams have very specific requirements for placing their designs. The extreme aspect ratio of many advanced custom processes requires specific placement patterns to achieve an optimal routable result. And, most
custom digital design teams need a flattened circuit hierarchy to be placed pseudo-hierarchically to support their simulation-driven flow.

The time and effort required to hand-place today’s large, complex custom digital designs make manual placement impractical. But, until now, automated placement tools have yielded results so poor that any productivity gained by using an automated approach has been lost, due to the need to hand-correct the automated results.


Unity Custom Digital Placer: A Precise Approach to Automated Placement

Unity Custom Digital Placer offers a unique combination of placement technologies that enable precise, hand-placed quality, automatically. Unity Custom Digital Placer includes precision placement technologies such as high-quality, row-based placement; non-standard and multi-height cell alignment; hierarchical clustering; and cluster control and pre-route-aware placement.

The unique hierarchical clustering technology in Unity Custom Digital Placer ensures strict pseudo-hierarchical placement topologies, optimizing routing resource, and ensuring that the routing estimates used in simulation-driven flows remain accurate
throughout layout. Pre-route-aware placement optimizes placement for pre-routed critical signals and top-down methodologies.


  • Precise, handcrafted-quality placement results
  • Custom digital layout with automated placement speed
  • Optimized placement enables efficient routing with minimum design area
  • Enables use of multi-height custom and standard-cell libraries
  • Supports simulation-based design flows through hierarchical clustering
  • Can be used automatically or interactively, depending on level of automation required for routing completion
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  • Row-based placement technologies
  • Multi-height cell alignment
    • Custom-cell placement of over-height, under-height and multi-height cells– Standard cell placement in custom designs
    • Hierarchical clustering – Strict physical grouping defined by the circuit hierarchy– Clustering of cells within sub-circuit, and of sub-circuit cell groupings
  • Proximity control: cells and clusters of cells can be placed in close proximity based upon net constraints.
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Guided Flow for Improved Designer Productivity

Unity Custom Digital Placer includes a step–by-step guided placement flow with a graphical user interface (GUI) showing each step. The guided flow informs designers of their progress through the flow and the pre-requisites for each step.