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Products & Solutions

Pulsic Products for Custom Design

For more than a decade, Pulsic has worked with leading-edge design teams to solve their toughest IC design challenges. Using this experience, Pulsic has developed the innovative, production-proven Unity™ technology, and engineered products that give advanced IC designers the precise tools they need to address each design task, from signal and bus planning to analog or custom digital routing. Each Pulsic design solution provides design teams with the technologies, products, and guided flows required to successfully complete a major phase of IC design.

The guided flows included in every Pulsic precision design solution employ an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to guide users step-by-step through each design task. These flows help even non-expert users achieve optimal results quickly and reliably.

Pulsic Animate Design Solution
Pulsic Animate is the first complete automated layout system built from the ground up for transistor-level analog and custom-digital design. Animate offers designers a simple, easy-to-use layout solution that delivers multiple layouts from a schematic using automatic constraint extraction and considers place and route concurrently, producing optimal-quality results.

Pulsic Planning Solution
The Pulsic Planning Solution is a fully integrated, precision design solution that automates full-chip planning and top-level routing for advanced custom designs. It is the first complete planning solution to enable both top-down and bottom-up hierarchical floorplanning for custom ICs.

Pulsic Implementation Solution
The Pulsic Implementation Solution is a precision design solution that automates precise, handcrafted-quality placement and routing for advanced analog and custom digital designs.