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Pulsic Announces Expansion in the U.S.

Pulsic Outperforms Others & Wins Breakthrough Deal in U.S.

Design Automation Conference, San Diego, CA – 7 June 2004 – Pulsic Limited, the EDA company that delivers shape-based, IC physical design solutions for analog, mixed-signal and custom digital designs, today announced its strategy for expansion in the U.S 다운로드. market with the appointment of a new distributor as well as plans to open a direct operation, based in Silicon Valley, during Q3 of this year.

In parallel to recently securing a major U.S 네이버 tv캐스트 1080p. corporate win for the company, with an initial value in excess of $1 million, Pulsic announced a distributorship with ICthus Solutions, its first Value Added Reseller (VAR) in the U.S Hdl elf download. ICthus will provide marketing, sales, pre-sales and technical support for Pulsic’s products in the United States.

“Building on the launch of Lyric Memory at last year’s show, Pulsic’s unique tools for DRAM/SRAM and datapath design have also been extensively enhanced 리얼텍 랜카드. We have recently secured a major win in the U.S., so the timing was right to implement a distribution venture. ICthus was particularly appealing as they are a dynamic company with the enthusiasm and drive to succeed – essential in a VAR agreement,” said Mark Williams, Founder and COO at Pulsic 연극대본 다운로드.

Commenting on the partnership, Dave Noble, CEO, ICthus Solutions (Scottsdale, AZ), said, “Our primary focus is in analog and mixed signal physical design, where Pulsic’s Lyric framework provides the highest performance place and route tools in the industry 다운로드. The recent new customer win resulted in the purchase of a majority of the Lyric product’s routing modules – but this is just the start. We will be focused on supporting this major installation and helping to fuel further growth going forward in this and other opportunities in the U.S.”

“As a relative newcomer to the EDA industry, signing up with a major US corporation is a significant win and a milestone in Pulsic’s growth plan, showing that we can outperform other tools in the market 다운로드. We deliver better quality results than other automated tools for our target markets, and we develop custom solutions to meet specific needs if required and the opportunity warrants it,” Williams added 다운로드.

To increase penetration into the U.S. market, Pulsic has also announced that plans are progressing well with regard to opening a direct operation which will be based in Silicon Valley 다운로드. “The U.S. is quite simply the most important market in which we must be successful”, said Williams. “We have some excellent candidates under consideration for the initial running of our US business, and with the strength of the relationship we have already built with ICthus Solutions, I envisage the two operations working hand-in-hand to provide the necessary sales and customer support that we need to achieve success,” he concluded 다운로드.

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