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Mixed Analog and Digital Design

Unity from Pulsic is a revolutionary fully automated shape-based design solution that delivers true mixed-signal design performance 나모 웹 에디터.

A unique integrated solution

Unity enables greater control of signal integrity issues in analog circuitry, together with improved reliability in the digital arena 다운로드.

  • Combines UniPlan, detailed floorplanning, and UniPlace to deliver integrated floorplanning, placement and routing in a single environment 다운로드.
  • Hierachical design rule capability enables simultaneous analog and digital design operations.

Enhanced performance

Concurrent analog, digital floorplanning, placement and routing functions deliver optimized analog and mixed signal design capabilities 한글과컴퓨터 무료 다운로드.

  • Supports horizontal and vertical standard row cells, rectilinear and polygonal blocks and regions.
  • Full hierarchy management and logical cluster placement
  • Full integration with Cadence 다운로드.

Powerful routing capabilities

UniRoute’s shape-based routing engine supports automatic routing of nets and subnets in a symmetrical pattern — critical for leading AMS designs 다운로드.

  • Automatic and interactive controls for bus routing, symmetric routing, metal strapping, shielding, net layer matching and pin current constraints 영화 기생충 다운로드.
  • Analog symmetrical routing for mirroring and flipping.
  • Built-in advanced extraction RC technology for independent control of signal path resistance and capacitance 도시어부 70회 다운로드.

Intelligent tools

Unity provides signal integrity solutions that improve process yields and increase product reliability 다운로드.

  • Solutions for crosstalk, antenna damage and circuit stability.