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DRAM/SRAM Memory Design

Pulsic brings together UniEdit, UniPlan and Uniplace to provide the most comprehensive and focused solution for the automated layout of custom design layout for DRAM/SRAM memory designs 다운로드. Fully integrated floorplanning placement and shape based routing work in harmony to deliver the best performance possible within a minimum area. Constraints applied in the schematic are adhered to in the design implementation 영화 클래식 다운로드.

Flexible floorplanning

Complex or unusual floorplan footprints can be designed with ease MLB 2014 download. Arbitrary shaped standard cell row regions can be generated and continually reshaped and developed for optimum area efficiency.

  • Memory support for wide aspect ratio designs 다운로드.
  • Standard cell rows can be horizontal, vertical or both.

Increase production performance

Specially developed to boost yields in high volume production environments, Pulsic’s solutions provide tools to overcome the issues of footprint constraints 다운로드.

  • Interactive routing gives you full control of layers, automatic batch routing and optimized cluster placement 다운로드.
  • Standard and variable cell placement supports generation of yield-friendly layouts 격동고딕.
  • Optimum and minimum rules support delivers minimum spacing rules when absolutely necessary 다운로드.

Powerful placement technology

Fully time driven placement, with automatic parasitic extraction if required, has been enhanced with specific features for memory design 다운로드.

  • Multi height cell support.
  • Routing driven placement enables the cluster placement of logically connected cells, guided by pre-route spine routes 다운로드.
  • Placement to pre-rout feature