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Analog Design

Unity gives you a comprehensive and fully integrated design environment, containing all the placement and routing tools you need to generate leading analog designs.

Interactive editing

UniEdit gives you a single, intuitive environment to control cell placement, edit, and complete cell interconnects with ease. Persistent online DRC checking ensures manual operations are completed error-free, first time.

  • DRC correct connectivity driven transistor level routing – manual, interactive and automatic.
  • Full integration with Cadence, CDBA and Open Access environments.

Advanced routing

Unity provides advanced matched routing capabilities to optimise analog IC design.

  • Full control of poly and diffusion routing in both interactive and automatic routing modes.
  • RCL constrained routing in automatic routing mode.
  • Push and Shove interactive routing, plus differential pair routing, shielding, matched routing, footprint routing, shielding and mirror and template routing.

Bespoke design capabilities

Unity supports the implementation of incremental changes, enabling re-entry and ECOs. Intelligent tools help automate improvements to circuit stability and yield, to deliver true bespoke-style design capability.

  • Route a design and solve signal integrity with a single tool.
  • Hierarchical constraint management enables control of all aspects of physical design including spacing, rules, widths, shielding, and electrical constraints.
  • Problem prevention tools apply wider spacing, parallel length rules or shielding around sensitive nets, while powerful curative tools locate and resolve signal integrity issues.

Optimised productivity

Unity’s device level floorplanning capabilities include alignment, placement in rows and automatic block placement.

  • Advanced built-in RC extraction technology lets you separately control path resistance and capabilities.
  • Powerful tools help identify poor layout shapes and styles that may have a negative impact on yield.