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Real time layout previews of your analog circuit

Accelerate your design process and remove costly iterations from your design flow

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Design Solutions

Pulsic’s advanced custom and analog design solutions are complementary to existing design flows, standards, and databases. Pulsic's technology delivers handcrafted quality faster than manual design or other EDA software solutions.

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Accelerate your analog design flow with Animate Preview.

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Complete solution for custom digital implementation.

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The world's leading solution for memory periphery layout.


Why Pulsic?

Pulsic works with leading analog and custom design teams around the world to solve their toughest IC design challenges. Pulsic's unique approach to automation delivers custom quality results with automated speed. We call this Precision Design Automation. 

Precision Design Automation enables analog and custom IC design teams to accelerate their design flows, and still achieve the same high quality results. Precision Design Automation allows design leads to remove iterations, shrink project timelines, and achieve time to market goals. 

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Latest News

Rule of thumb or layout automation for analog floorplan

Planet Analog

21 June 2021

Accurate size estimation of analog blocks is critical in IC floorplan and designers have choice to use rule of thumb or layout automation.

数字版图设计已实现全自动化,模拟版图设计为什么不行呢?-EDN 电子技术设计

EDN China

9 June 2021


All about stacked MOSFETs in analog layout

Planet Analog

3 June 2021

Stacked MOSFETs are a common analog building block at 28nm and below. In this article, we look at several ways to place them into analog layout, to achieve a compact layout with minimum additional capacitance.

Digital Layout is Fully Automated—Why Isn’t Analog Layout?

EET Asia

4 May 2021

The analog design community desperately needs a transformative technology that finally solves analog layout automation.


Pulsic Products

Pulsic's products are production-proven solutions for extreme custom design challenges at advanced nodes. Leading semiconductor companies use Pulsic’s products to achieve significant improvements in their design productivity

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Animate Preview gives you quick, easy and accurate physical information about your analog circuit while you develop your schematic.

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Unity features advanced floorplanning, signalplanning, placement and routing solutions for the latest custom digital and memory designs.


Pulsic is proud to partner with other industry leaders in supporting our customers.

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